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Tips Before Buying the Right Rug

A well-chosen oriental rug can transform an ordinary room into a space with a strong, feel-good ambience. To make the right choice many factors are important, such as the size, the existing furniture, the environment and of course the price of the carpet.

Read the tips below to help you prepare to find the right carpet for your needs!

Proper size and placement

A beautiful floor is like a frame and can highlight a carpet. The carpet chosen should be the right size so that it covers the right amount of floor. While a very small rug in a large room may seem a little bit lost, a perfectly sized rug can increase the aesthetic of the whole home by bringing together minute details that your guests will admire. Follow the tips below to ensure that you are measuring appropriately.

  • Approximate the size of your room using a measuring tape.

  • If you are choosing a carpet for the dining area, make sure that the size of the carpet is large enough so that the chairs do not constantly chafe at the edge of the carpet nor end up on the floor.

  • A carpet intended for the living room should have a minimum distance of 5 to 10 cm (2 to 4 inches) to the adjacent sofas.

  • To bring the color and gloss of your oriental rug to show-room quality, the carpet should be placed with the direction of the pile facing away from the source of light. This makes a huge difference in the rug's appearance, depending on the position of the viewer.

  • If the perspective of the observer corresponds with the pile direction, the carpet appears to be brighter and shinier than from the opposite side.


The Right Design

Your taste, style and the arrangement of your furniture plays an important role in finding the perfect rug for your home. If you choose a carpet with a distinct medallion, make sure that nothing covers the center so that the medallion is appreciable.

However, if several items cover the carpet or the furniture is arranged asymmetrically, a carpet without a distinct central medallion is probably a better fit since you will be able to appease the gaze of the viewer to the edges of the rug rather than the middle. This works best for living room carpets that you are planning on covering up with a coffee table.


Picking the Correct Color

Searching for the right color is another important challenge. We recommend that the carpet contains individual colors of the room. The remaining colors of the carpet should also harmonize with the colors of your room. When in doubt, it is always a great idea to consult a professional opinion.

Golden Looms offers everything from modern to traditional oriental rugs that are guaranteed to fit your décor. We offer free at-home interior design services. Call us at 843-665-8655 or send us an email to schedule a free measurement!

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Oriental Rug Repair

Guide from our rug repair expert.                                                                           

 Rugsmake fabulous floor coverings. They add beauty, colours, and warmth to the floor and uplift the look of the entire room. When you place one in any room, you wish it would last undamaged for the longest time.

However, by the very nature of its use, oriental rugs are subjected to all kinds of damage-inducing experiences. They get walked over. Heavy furniture creates irreversible dents. Moths eat away at the fibres and of course, they are often at the receiving end of all kinds of spills.

While regular maintenance and cleaning an keep your rug looking clean and good, there are some instances when professional rug repair and restoration is necessary to offset the effects of normal wear and tear over time. The goal of rug repair is to prevent further damage or deterioration of the rug and to preserve its beauty and value for several years to come.


While regular maintenance and cleaning ,there are some instances when professional rug repair and restoration is necessary to offset the effects of normal wear and tear over time. The goal of rug repair is to prevent further damage or deterioration of the rug and to preserve its beauty and value for several years to come.

My Oriental Rug Is Damaged, What Should I Do?

Before we go over some of the common repairs, it’s important to keep these couple of best practices in mind next time your rug is damaged.

1. Repair Your Rug

In fact, getting your rug repaired in time is one of the key measures to maintain its beauty for the longest time. Timely repair can prevent a simple, cheap repair job from becoming a complex, expensive repair job. Rug repairs should ideally be done as soon as you notice the damage. Ignoring it will only result in it getting worse. On the other hand, taking your rug in for regular repair and maintenance once in 5 to 10 years will keep it looking great for generations. The important thing to make sure is that you choose a reputed rug repair professional even if it means having to pay a little bit more.

2. Take Your Rug To A Rug Repair Professional

Reputed rug repair professionals will always take the trouble to procure the right kind of wool and matching dye and use the right weave so that the repair work complements the natural characteristics of the rug and does not go against its original character. The master weaver will give you a detailed explanation of what needs to be done and the cost and will only go ahead with the work once you approve of the estimate.

Some of the more common damage that rugs undergo repair for are for tears, holes, frayed corners, re-dyeing of color, stretching, fringe repair, flood & fire damage, rug misalignment. An experienced rug repair craftsman can rebuild corners, mend holes and burns and also repair moth damage so that you cannot make out the difference between the original and the new repair work.

More likely than not, you will find that most experts quote quite a high rate for doing rug repairs. Don’t let that deter you. While it may seem like a lot, keep in mind that repairing a rug is time-consuming and very laborious. Moreover, it helps maintain the value of the rug so it is definitely worth it.

Some repair professionals of lesser repute may suggest that you can get the eroded or eaten away areas painted to hide the damaged areas. While this is cheaper it is not recommended as it can cause permanent damage to the rug and will reduce its overall value.

Common Repairs for Oriental Rugs

1. Repairing the Sides of The Oriental Rug


2. Repairing The “Ends”

3. Repairing A Hole

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